Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Love You!

Happy Thanksgiving! We went and visited the grave as a family on Thanksgiving Day. We are grateful for the short time that Parker was in our lives. His presence is still impacting us each and every day. We can't wait to see and hold him again. We love you Parker!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


In my mom's ward this weekend, many mothers stood and bore their testimonies about children of theirs who were lost and falling away from the gospel. They spoke about how difficult it was to see your child fall away from the gospel. They were all very emotional.

Hearing this made me think back to when Parker was born. We had read Joseph Smith's quote about children who die in infancy (it's on the right-hand side of my blog) and felt comforted that our son was a very choice and lovely spirit. I also thought back to a blessing that Daniel's brother Kevin gave me. In the blessing he said that Parker was a very choice spirit of our Heavenly Father's and that satan would have worked extra hard to get him. The thought of this is terrifying to me.

To think that my little boy would have been sought after by the evil one more than others makes me feel incredibly grateful that my son was spared that torture. I am also grateful that I was spared having to watch my son go through such things. I don't know that I could handle such heartbreak.

I know that my son was too lovely and pure of a spirit to live on this earth very long, and for that I feel honored to be his mother. I just hope I can live as worthily as possibly to be able to meet his level of celestial glory to be worthy of him.