Sunday, March 6, 2011

Never Ever Give Up in Life

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Refiner of Silver

This post is maybe considered a continuation of my last post.  A great story about why we may be called to experience trials.

Malachi 3:3 "He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver."

This verse puzzled some women in a scripture study class and they wondered what this statement meant about the character and nature of God. One of the women offered to find out the process of refining silver and get back to the group at their next class. That week, the woman called a silversmith and made an appointment to watch him at work. She didn't mention anything about the reason for her interest beyond her curiosity about the process of refining silver. As she watched the silversmith, he held a peice of silver over the fire and let it heat up. He explained that in refining silver, one needed to hold the silver in the middle of the fire where the flames were hottest as to burn away all the impurities. The woman thought about God holding us in such a hot spot, then she thought again about the verse that says: "He sits as a refiner and purifier of silver." She asked the silversmith if it was true that he had to sit there in front of the fire the whole time the silver was being refined. The man answered that yes, he not only had to sit there holding the silver, but he had to keep his eyes on the silver the entire time it was in the fire. If the silver was left a moment too long in the flames, it would be destroyed. The woman was silent for a moment. Then she asked the silversmith, "How do you know when the silver is fully refined?" He smiled at her and answered, "Oh, that's easy- when I see my image in it."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bad Things + Good People = WHY?

Why do bad things happen to good people?  Sometimes it's hard to wrap my head around this, especially when it comes to my faith.  We are taught that if we live righteously and do what we are supposed to do, then we will be blessed.  Okay, that sounds great in theory.  How then do you explain why horrible things happen to "good" people?  I did everything I was "supposed" to do and my son still died.  Why?  Was I not righteous enough?  I remember wrestling with these ridiculous notions after Parker died.

Why are some parents faced with the trial of burying more than one child?  It is so hard for me to see good people suffer through horrible afflictions.  I just want to fix everything.  More than anything, I wish I could suffer for them so they wouldn't have to feel the loss, the longing, the horrible pain.  Nobody should have to lose a child.  Nobody should have to feel that ache.  Let alone have to suffer through it twice

A friend of mine buried her baby boy about two years ago.  And for whatever reason, Heavenly Father just called her second child back to heaven (another baby born premature).  Why?  She is the most loving, giving, serving person I've ever met.  She lights up the room.  She will be an amazing mother when she finally is given the opportunity to raise a child.  Why would Heavenly Father take a baby away from someone so utterly amazing?  It hardly seems fair.

But then I look at the eternal view of things.  I already know that infants who die are the choicest spirits of our Heavenly Father.  All these choice spirits needed to pass this earthly test is to receive a body.  That's all.  They just needed to receive a body.  I can just imagine our premortal existence.  I can picture these sweet spirits.  They knew they only needed a body, and we were honored to give it to them.  I'm sure my friend was at the first of the line to say, "I'll have the honor of giving you a body!"

I still don't know why bad things have to happen to good people.  However, I do know that those bad things have the opportunity to make us better people.  Stronger people.  More righteous people.  I also know that when we experience bad things, it makes us better able to have empathy towards others.  We are better able to comfort others and console them.  And if I can make one person's burden even the slightest bit lighter, I am overjoyed. 

I love each and every one of my friends who've lost a child.  I feel so close to them.  I've also made many new connections because of my loss.  It's amazing how close you can feel to someone who's gone through something similar.  It's AMAZING how the Lord brings these people into our lives.  The Lord DOES love us.  Even if we're called to experience something awful, Heavenly Father loves us and is aware of our torment.  He will never leave us alone.  He is with us every moment of every day.  We are in His every thought and he will never ask us to bear more than what He knows we can handle. 

Although I can't say I'm thankful my son died, I can say that I'm thankful for what I've been taught.  I'm thankful for the people I've met.  I'm thankful for the strength the Lord gives me, even now.  I can see many wonderful fruits of my trial.  And though I'm nowhere near where I should be, losing Parker has brought me closer to Heavenly Father.  Parker has given me a goal to reach for: I must live my life as best I can to be worthy to be with him again.